for UK Business Owners And Digital Entrepreneurs... 

28 FEB - 1 MAR

Join us for 3 PACKED DAYS of the latest  strategies to market your business online and keep up to date with the ever changing internet landscape…
Simon Coulson
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The Internet Business School has led Digital Marketing education in the UK and internationally for over 10 years, providing accredited training courses and training at top institutions around the UK and across the world from Australia to  Dubai, and Africa to the USA 
“I'd love you to join me on our next event for JUST £47 to attend this comprehensive 3 DAY TRAINING  - however seating is very limited…so you must act quickly-read on for full details…”
What is the Digital Business Bootcamp?
The Digital Business Bootcamp gives you the insider secrets of what’s working right now 
to grow your business online.  

  • The Digital Business Bootcamp gives you the insider secrets of what’s working right now online in 2020 
  • ​Little known online marketing secrets (that are working right now) for jumpstarting the sales of any existing online or offline business…and securing the long term future of the business.
  • ​Insider TIPS for creating a successful digital business straight from the mouth of those who are doing it right now. (many strategies have NEVER been shared before in public) 
  • ​Access to my hand-picked team of experienced digital marketing coaches and trainers who have all created  businesses with no previous experience.
  • A “Success Action Plan” which allows you to start implementing what you learn at the Digital Business Bootcamp the minute you step back into the office on Monday morning. You will get a step by step process to follow to success: 

Internet Business School has now received funding to educate business owners and potential online business starters on multiple ways to fast track their business and profits. 

Following this funding allocation, I am able to extend and fast track my mission to reach out to as many business owners and aspiring digital entrepreneurs as possible, and share what I do to be successful online, EVEN FASTER THAN I HAVE EVER DONE BEFORE

This means you can attend this one time only Digital Business Bootcamp and get exactly what you need to create a successful 2020

The funding is very limited so grab your seat now. 
 This event will be a sell out! 

Is unlike any business EVENT you’ve EVER attended...
It’s not the same old recycled online "guru" garbage disguised with a new label and
packaging. Rather, it’s the distilled wisdom from the experience of me and my real-life million pound hand selected team, including many online  strategies and secrets we have never made public before.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an ambitious entrepreneur who’s just getting 
started online... or a well-established business owner looking to grow your business online and not get left behind—you’ll gain hundreds of insights and totally actionable ideas

Now, a point of clarification: If you’re expecting a "get rich quick" 
plan, you won’t find it here. You will have to invest some "sweat equity" to
make these strategies work for you. But once you put them to proper work,
your success will be almost inevitable and virtually unstoppable.

What you might find most surprising of all is that… 

If I were forced to give up all my "weapons" in online marketing. If I were lost my name, reputation, lists, products etc. I would use the strategies you will learn…to bootstrap my way back to success within 2020. They’re that valuable. 

And if you need more convincing…here’s… 
9 More Reasons Why You Should Be At The
Digital Business Bootcamp
1. The timing is right – never has there been a better time in history to have your own digital business. There are more opportunities now than ever to create an online business doing literally ANYTHING. 

2. No experience – Remember, many my most successful students started an online business with  no prior experience of the digital business world.

3. No special computer skills needed. As long as you can switch on a computer-you are good to go.

4. No need for employees… no need for employees… no need for employees – I know I’ve said it three times, but I believe having employees is tough! If you’ve ever owned a business you know that having employees can be a REAL drag! Not in a Digital Business. Everything is either automated, or outsourced. 

5. No need for corporate head offices or expensive leases – You can work from anywhere

6. No expensive equipment needed- just a mobile phone, Internet connection and a laptop 

7. No need for rigid work hours – work when you want. You have complete freedom.

8. No need to find products to sell- we will show how to get your own. 

9. We’ve done virtually everything for you – We will reveal to you the online opportunities, strategies and techniques- and how to take advantage of them in the online marketplace. All the research and trial and error and investing on testing has been done. 

So what do you need to succeed...?
You don’t need to own a business. (Although you can use these strategies to grow any offline or online business)  

You don’t need education. Most of my students have no third level qualification,  you dont need to be a rocket scientist!

You don’t need a list of customers or subscribers. Creating lists of hungry buyers online is just one of the strategies you will discover. 

You don’t need a product to sell. Creating products you can sell for big profits is something you will discover on the course. 

You don’t need to be an "expert" in anything. (Digital Business Bootcamp will show you step-by-step  even if you’re the ultimate generalist and do not have any specialised skills in anything.) 
Who Should Attend?
Any/Every Business owner:
FACT: the internet is the NO.1 source of new customers for business. It’s more powerful than television, newspapers, directories, referrals and radio. You need to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques to harness its power to grow your business

To stay alive and be competitive in ANY business, you can’t not take advantage of what’s working right now in online marketing . . . YOU have to know how to generate fresh leads online and market effectively online to your customers! 

Finally, get accurate measurable quick results from all ONLINE advertising
marketing or promotion.

DOMINATE any ‘market’ you happen to be in? Incredibly what I’m about to reveal to you . . . 
can ‘re-invent’ your entire online and offline business for the better! 

How would YOU, like to cut all the fat, waste, even the 
uncertainty out of your online business efforts?

DO NOT get left behind by your competitors. The Digital Business Bootcamp will give you the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE you need in your market to succeed. 

My “Digital Business Bootcamp”, gives you a proven and tested arsenal of Amazingly Powerful online business tools, proven, ‘paint by numbers’ business advice that has NO fluff, NO filler, NO slick B.S.

As a digital business Coach . . . I am a serious student and I also educate my clients with the very same  products/marketing tools that I personally use every day to run  businesses. 

This is a rare opportunity for YOU to become part of a select few, savvy business owners and entrepreneurs who are  serious about their success . . . who want to create the  kind of online business that compels your prospects to whip  out their credit card or cash and purchase whatever it is  you’re offering. 

YOU need online marketing and business skill!  And I'm prepared to help you get it . . . but ONLY if you  are serious 

Any/Every Budding Digital Entrepreneur:
The only thing standing between you and the income you want is the right knowledge. 

The Digital Business Bootcamp will bridge that gap for you.

You will get access to my handpicked team of trainers who once attended this event and used the knowledge they got to escape their 9-5. 

You will get access to:
  • Exactly what the top marketers online are doing right now 
  • The skills to create a  digital product business (no matter what your background or skill level). 
  • Online business acceleration skills for skyrocketing the amount of leads you can generate in your business-practically overnight.
  • The very latest tested proven  strategies for online marketing
But wait…there’s more...
Also realize that some of the best opportunities for you at this Bootcamp will come from networking with all the other attendees.

My experience has been that some of the most valuable contacts I’ve ever made came from networking with other attendees… these contacts are priceless. In fact, I can honestly say that some of my best friends in the world and most-trusted business associates are people I’ve met at seminars. 
Here’s Just A Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover at the Digital Business Bootcamp 2020
  • ​Ace Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for ranking sites to attract more customers and more profit.
  • ​How to Run Online Ads and discover what the top trends and predictions will be for marketers in 2020 and crack the Facebook Code for advertising in 2020.
  • ​Get in early on the ChatBot phenomenon with NO tech knowledge - to instantly tap into this £1.6bn industry.
  • ​How to make  get millions of views from YouTube
  • ​Leverage The Power of Social Media for quick and easy Lead Generation and Rapid Business Growth.
  • ​Create your own  Online Courses the easy way.
  • ​The secrets on Video Marketing-Step by Step (even if you have zero experience).
  • ​How to quickly and easily Publish a Book and use it to quickly establish you as an industry expert.
  • ​PLUS Get My Insider Secrets On Building A World Class Outsourcing Team which helps me run 11 businesses from my phone. Wouldn’t you want to know how to run your business with freelancers from as little as $1 per hour?
As you can see, this Digital Business Bootcamp isn’t going to be some shallow skim-over-the-topics deal like a lot of seminars you may have attended…
There’s no way I’d throw my reputation out the window like that!
I’m going to go in-depth, detail by detail, into how to use and apply all of these techniques…whether you have a business you want to grow online,  are looking for a side income, or you want a complete new career
 The Digital Business Bootcamp Team
(These guys are the real thing)

You’ll meet elite level online business owners who have been in your shoes, who have faced the same problems you have, and who have overcome the same obstacles.

You’ll be among your people with marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs from every industry.  

Plus, we’ll help you break the ice with our VIP lunch each day and networking opportunities. 

You will leave the Digital Business Bootcamp having met, networked, and formed strategic partnerships with people just like you. 

You will meet my expert team of trainers, and successful students. You can get all of your questions answered, and get a chance to be personally mentored and coached by me and my team to achieve the same high levels of success they’re enjoying. 
At THIS Bootcamp, feel free to ask me
(or my guest experts) questions...
I’ll strain my brain in every conceivable way to answer any conceivable questions you have. Grab me at the breaks… grab me whenever and wherever you
can – I’ll be available!

But don’t just talk to me. Pick the brains of my elite team of online marketing  
experts, they’ll also be at your disposal.
This Bootcamp is
You Will Discover...
The difference between those who fail and those who succeed online is having the right information on what’s working right now to generate cash online using different digital business models.

The good news is… 
I have handpicked top digital business masters to share an endless well of online profit opportunities. A lot of people pay a lot of money to hear their money-making secrets:
Digital Business Expert 1: ‘YouTube Channel’ Expert
This digital business owner and award-winning YouTube Creator will disclose how he has generated over 200,000 subscribers and received in excess of 21 MILLION views since he started from home, and earns over $7,000 a month in revenue from YouTube alone on autopilot.

YouTube is growing at a phenomenal rate, yet the majority of people have no idea how to tap into its huge potential and create free, lifelong web traffic and advertising revenue by creating simple, short and powerful videos. 

You will learn how to get started with step-by-step instructions and a proven formula for success! 

Digital Business Expert 2: Amazon ECommerce Expert
This expert has been growing his Amazon e-commerce business since 2014 . He has successfully been able to leverage the power of the world’s largest online  marketplace by creating his own brand of physical products which are sold on  the Amazon FBA platform on autopilot, from anywhere in the world with just a  laptop and internet connection. 

His products have been sold and distributed throughout B&M retail,  one of the UKs largest retailers with over 500 stores nationwide. He will be sharing 2 EXTREMELY powerful e-commerce systems, without having to risk thousands upfront in buying stock and without having to physically handle a single product!

He will also be revealing how you can Leverage the power of outsourcing to provide in-demand third party services to other Amazon sellers and make huge profits in this ever-expanding marketplace. 
Digital Business Expert 3: ‘Facebook Advertising Guru
This speaker built a 6 figure business and replaced his income in just 3 months, all without any prior experience and working a full-time job.  He has consulted and helped some of the top Entrepreneurs in the U.K and America with their Facebook ads and online business strategy and has helped clients generate over $3 million in online sales in the past 2 years alone. 

He has helped countless people start their own successful online business and is now one of the most sought after Facebook Ads Trainers in the U.K.  

His training will show how anyone can start a successful Facebook Advertising agency regardless of experience, time or technical ability."  

How To Set Up An Online Advertising Business Without Needing Any Prior Experience

He will show you how he started an online advertising business without any experience and built it to 6-figures in less than 6 months. He will also show how he landed his first 2 paying clients without needing any experience or even any ad spend and knew he could get them results.' 

- Secret #1: “How the NEW way of starting an online business is better than ANY other opportunity

- Secret #2: “The reason why not having any prior online, marketing or sales experience won't stop you being able to start  today”

- Secret #3: “How you can land your first paying client without spending ANY money on ad budget, needing any prior experience or any marketing budget and know you can get them results”  
Digital Business Expert 4: ‘Facebook Messenger Master’
Here you will discover how to get in early on the ChatBot phenomenon with NO tech knowledge - to instantly tap into this £1.6bn industry.

Customers want service, products and support in less and less time. They want it instantly. They expect any business to be open and responding to them 24-7. Hence pre-programmed messengers like Chatbox are becoming more and more popular.   

This Digital business owner has made a fortune in this new technology. He’s going to share with you EXACTLY what you need to do- to cash in on this new phenomenon. 
Digital Business Expert 5: ‘LinkedIn Marketing Expert’
This expert is a Multi-Award winning speaker, mentor, best-selling author and founder of a global training academy for business entrepreneurs and professionals so they can discover how to be seen as & become the AUTHORITY & Go-To-Expert in their industry.

Having worked in the corporate industry for 2 decades, she has developed her expertise to specialise in helping businesses utilise LinkedIn to POSITION, PROMOTE and PROFIT from their expertise. 

As a result of her training her clients have attracted paying clients, speaking opportunities and high paying contract gigs. 

She will be bringing her expertise to the event and will share her knowledge and knowhow with you on: 

The 5 essential elements that will turn your LinkedIn profile into a Marketing Asset that will attract the right clients, instead of just any client. 

The 4 pillars that can increase your Social Selling Index Score (SSI) so you can sell without selling 

How to create appropriate content that builds KNOW, LIKE & TRUST with your connections and transforms them into buyers 

Linkedin is a platform which is understated, underestimated and underused and is set to be the
next BIG platform that everyone should be using. Here’s a chance for you to get in there before your competition and claim your place! 
Digital Business Expert 6: ‘The Coffee Shop Millionaire’
The beauty of running a digital business is you can do it from ANYWHERE with an internet connection. So you could be sitting quietly sipping a cappuccino in your local Costas, Café Nero, Starbucks, Hoole and Harris or whichever is your favourite coffee shop…and making money almost effortlessly with the right techniques.

This ‘coffee shop millionaire’ coach is one of my business colleagues who lives this reality. Actually, this guy has gone one step further as Costa is now one of his best clients - such has been his incredible success.  

He works with major companies like Costa, to help with their mobile marketing on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-in and others.   He’s going to share his secrets of generating huge streams of traffic for these companies and getting paid handsomely for it.  

Best of all-you will have NO office ... NO staff ... NO stock … NO overheads ... NO wages to pay ... just YOU, a coffee and your mobile device and you are in business and making money.    

You’ll discover a very specific and ridiculously simple way (why didn’t I think of this?) of taking the traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc - and turning them into mobile traffic which will go direct to your Pocket Mobile Sites.  

Now he agreed to create a training especially for you to show how to use all of these same social media sites. How to start from scratch in your spare time, on your smartphone or tablet (and of course this can be done on your laptop or PC if you prefer).   
Digital Business Expert 7: ‘Sales Intelligence Expert’
Our next expert is a master of personality profiling for customers and will be teaching the world's only methodology scientifically validated to accurately predict buying behaviour in real timeThe simple, personality based system can pinpoint anyone’s personality in nanoseconds, as well as give you sales intelligence on how to communicate, negotiate, and close the sale easily with anyone using their own values. This intelligence approach leverages the best assessment tools, and cutting-edge technology to maximize her client results both personally and professionally. 

Imagine knowing how to close your customers in realtime - what are the most important factors for them in a buying decision! 
YES I Want to go!
NO big investment demand 
NO catches...
General Ticket Includes
  • Attendance Only
(booking fee of £5)
Gold Ticket Includes
  • General Admission for all 3 days (Please bring your own notebook and pen)
  • Access to the bar for coffee and tea during the day (you will need to pay for your drinks, lunch and snacks)
  • FREE ONLINE COURSE worth £197. Choose from YouTube, Local Business Marketing, Instagram or Snapchat as a bonus with our complements
So what’s in this VIP Package?
Everything in the GOLD ticket PLUS
Exclusive VIP Front Row Seating at the Digital Business Bootcamp for all 3 days, and extra early entry to the event room so you can secure the exact front row seat of your choice.

VIP Registration area and private lounge area 

2 course VIP Lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

Free flowing tea and coffee and water all 3 days 

Recordings of the event

Exclusive lounge area 

Meet & greet with Simon Coulson 

A signed copy of Simon Coulson’s book The Interpreneur

A photo with Simon Coulson 

Event notebook & pen for making notes

PLUS Online Courses worth over £1,000 So that you have even more support and training to fast track your success.
Digital Marketing Agency (Retail Price £997) 
Inside this £997 course you will discover how to make life changing income, offering internet marketing services to local businesses ANYWHERE. There is a MASSIVE DEMAND for this service right now as traditional offline marketing channels like the golden pages are dead. 40 % of all searches on Google are for a local business.

Just some of what you get inside this course:
  • The secret to getting business owners begging for your services.
  • How to get clients paying you upwards of £1000 a month for your services.
  • How to get your clients on the front page of Google in less than 10 days.
  • Your very own ‘bespoke’ website -set up for you-to market your services to local businesses immediately.
  • Access to our white label outsourcing service where you can sell a comprehensive range of services as a reseller for an easy monthly profit.
Podcast Master Class (Retail Price £197)
Create your own amazing Podcasts (with NO previous experience needed)
Podcasts are the No. 1 way people like to consume content online. They are the perfect way to generate traction, leads, and sales for your business

Here’s just some of what you will discover: 
  • How to start your own show- ‘the right way’- to get more leads, sales and revenue flooding into your business.
  • How to hook listeners with your podcast titles…(even if you have no idea where to start)
  • Endless lists of ideas for compelling content to grow your audience quickly and easily.
  • How to get your podcast noticed, and spread across the web like wildfire.
  • ​The secrets to creating a sustainable podcast that builds endless lists of leads, customers and sales for years to come. 
How To Become An Expert In Your Niche (Retail price £297)
Becoming the ‘Expert’ in your market will let you dominate your niche and attract all the best opportunities and customers. You also get to charge the highest fees and attract clients who are happy to pay those fees.
This is ideal for ANY coach, consultant, expert, or service professional to claim the mantel of ‘expert’ in your niche and get customers flocking to your door-to do business with you.

Just some of what you will discover:
  • The key components you need – to be seen as an ‘expert’ in your niche.
  • The 7 STAGE plan you need to follow in order to become an expert in your niche
  • How to use other people to secure your expert status. 
  • How to develop the ‘trust triggers’ you need to be seen as an expert in your industry. 
  • How to develop ‘the expert sales funnel’ to secure your expert status today.
  • Easy expert pricing tactics- how to charge what you’re really worth and get it –every time.
Pre-Order Videos of the Entire Event
    JUST £97
    I’m not sure if I am going to put any more events on like this - this is the first one of its kind. BUT If you absolutely can’t make the February dates, then make sure you get added to our behind the scenes guest list so you don’t miss out in future - for anything news that comes along in 2020.

    P.S. — Remember this offer may expire at any time, and without prior notice. Once the last few remaining seats have been claimed, this page will be removed and you will see a message that says there are no  more spaces left. 

    P.P.S. — One hour of my consulting time currently goes for £5,000 with a 2-hour  minimum. And yet you’re getting 3 days of my time—for a tiny fraction of what it would normally cost you... Never before has there been a deal like this... and, quite possibly, never again. 
    Where will the event be held?

    Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel
    Bath Rd, Longford, Hounslow, TW6 2AQ 

    You will receive full details of the venue after you have booked your place. 

    Worried about tea and coffee and snacks and water? If you are a standard ticket holder, there is a coffee shop within hotel.

    If you are a VIP ticket holder, tea, coffee and lunch are all included.
    What are the dates?

    Friday to Sunday 28th Feb - 1st March 2020

    Friday: Registration starts on Friday at 8.00am.  

    Event runs 9.00am to 7.00pm 

    Saturday 9.00am to 7.00pm 

    Sunday 9.00am to 6.00pm 

    I want to book accommodation. What other details do I need? 

    Just call the hotel directly to book your room.

    How much is parking?

    Special event rate of just £5 per day

    Can I bring a partner or friend? 

    Yes, and we welcome them! They will need to purchase their seat separately using their own name and email address. So we can make sure there is a seat available. 

    How is this different to anything you have done before? 

    The coaches and trainers from IBS have not been accessible before now unless you attended the 3
    day accredited diploma course. They have created new material just for this event. 

    My special guests have also got fantastic training ready for you to be inspired by. 

    I am not a tech geek - how I will I cope? 

    The aim is to make sure that strategies showcased in the training we deliver are aimed at everyone - whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced marketer.   

    I am not a beginner - is it right for me? 

    Yes - we include ways to help grow your business, beyond what it is already so you don’t get left behind in the digital space. Plus, you never know who you will sit next to or chat with in the VIP room who could be your next business partner!

    What if I don’t remember everything that’s taught when I get home? 

    No problem. The whole event is recorded and for a small fee attendees can get online access to that recording too (included for VIP guests)

    I can’t make all 3 days. Can I still come? 

    Yes - we encourage you to attend as many days as you can - so don’t miss out!

    What should I Wear? 

    The dress code is business casual. Note that the venue may get cold because of the air conditioning, or the temperature might fluctuate so wear layers.

    Any other questions please contact 

    Is it the same as your 3 day diploma course? 

    No. This event is not the same as the 3 day accredited diploma course. That course is to obtain an accredited diploma in digital marketing and includes 3 days digital marketing training in a classroom, plus over 100 hours of additional training, examination and certification. 

    So if you want to change your life, I can help 
    but it’s now over to you…
    My advice is that you do whatever you can to meet me in London between Friday 28th February to Sunday 1st March and attend a private event which truly can change the entire course of your life.
    It’s going to be an incredible 3 days and one where I know when you return home you’ll be thinking:-
    "Finally, I’ve found what I’ve been looking for..."
    I promise, I will do my utmost to make this the single best weekend of its kind you will have ever enjoyed. One which will see you walk into that room on Friday morning a complete novice and walk out the same room on Sunday afternoon not just knowing EXACTLY what to do...
    You’ll have to be ultra-quick though
    You will leave the 3 day bootcamp with a PLAN. A plan to start a digital business, and generate income, grow your company, and most importantly turn your SALES into profits - as soon as you get home.
    But remember, in either case you do need to 

     I’m expecting this to sell out - so don’t delay.